Time To Catch Up

I have been neglecting things I should be doing, partly because of the stitches in my chest. Doctor said to do nothing, and I took her at her word.

So now, I am faced with the stuff I haven’t done, and I have to start exercising again, which I couldn’t do, catch up on paperwork, and get back up to speed on the computer.

I am still knitting up a storm, and I’m loving it, so am no going to stop that. In fact I’m off to the knitting store tomorrow, and will probably buy some more wool, to make something else for the new great grand daughter coming the end of November. It’s getting close now, and we are all vey excited. I think maybe another blanket. Can’t have too many blankets..I found something I really like so I’ll have a long project in the works.

Do what you love, take time to write your gratitude list, affirmations, and be the best you can be.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene