Today's Significant Event

I received the nicest compliment today. One of my friends adopted a caregiver. She stopped to tell me that they were going to lunch next week. She invited me, but I had to decline. I would love to go with them, but my week is filled. I promised the next time I would go. How nice to be stopped and told that what you are doing is a wonderful thing. Giving back to people who really need a friend. Her eyes were sparkling as she talked. Thank you so much.

Also listened to a speaker today who is a writing coach, and editor. She’s a warm wonderful person, who likes to give back in her profession. She is someone who wrote a beautiful blurb in my book, Behind The Mask. Thank you Dr. Mary.

I’ve had some bad days lately, lots of Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia; a reaction from a shot has messed up my immune system. Chronic Fatigue is unrelenting. I am exhausted all the time.  Sometimes I can hardly keep my eyes open, or my mind functioning. It’s hard to think, and hard to write.

But better days are coming, and it’s one day at a time anyway. Tomorrow my friend is giving a luncheon, and I’m looking forward to seeing her. She is one terrific lady.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene