Visiting Family

Will be visiting family for a few days. I’ll take my knitting, reading, and some writing with me, but I don’t expect to be doing much of anything except visiting. Funtime.

Next week when I come home I will be having some Red Hats over and will tell you about that after the event. Looking forward to seeing them.

I’m still waiting for Oprah to call. Someone who cares and can help me get the word out to a lot of people instead of my one on one, depending on word of mouth. Even though, so far, that is working fine. Everyone has been helpful, open minded and trying to help. Thank you all. Bless you.

In the meantime, you know how you can help. Adopt a caregiver, be a friend, write an email, just let them know you are there. Thank you.

Talk to you soon.

Keep love and kisses in your life Helene


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