Who Cares For The Caregivers?

Where were you?

This is something I wrote after publishing my secret journal, Behind The Mask, and I think it is something everyone should read at least once. This is the plight of caregivers.

“Where were you when I had no one to talk to, when I needed to vent, when I needed a shoulder to cry on?

Where were you when I tried to smile and couldn’t?

Where were you when I was too depressed to function?

I needed you. But, you were off with friends and clubs, too immersed in your activities to think of mine.

Where were you when I needed you, and everyone deserted us?”

This is how caregivers feel. This is what I want to change and why I want everyone to Adopt A Caregiver. Pleant this seed and it will grow by word of mouth.

Love and kisses Helene

Please see my website www.adoptacaregiver.org