Writing Meeting

I went to a writing meet-up last night. I’m always impressed by the quality of the writing, and the imagination of writers. I can’t wait to find 2 or 3 people or even 1 person who lives near me and will brainstorm and mentor me as I write a novel.

The best part is of course the feedback, which was wonderful. They said to change the name of one character, too much like the other name, and to make one person more humerous. My book is filled with emotion, and adding a little humor is a great suggestion.

The other thing I relearned, is to keep going, don’t go back and rework chapter one forever and ever. Just write, keep writing until the end, then go back and use post it notes, highlighters, whatever works for you and higlight whatever you want. Could be the first word of each sentence, description, dialog, setting, looking for vivid verbs. I do keep a notebook of words I like and I use that notebook a lot.

I also have a Bits & Pieces notebook and I have quotes, small scenes, descriptions, words, advice, whatever I want to remember and I keep them in a folder. I add pictures, names of books I like anything to jog your memory or jumpstart your writing.

First lines jumpstart my writing, and I have about 550 of them finished. I love doing them.

Saw my doctor today. I have the lowest Vitamin D level he has seen, so I’m starting to take Vitamin D. I hope with all my heart it help with the fatigue. I want to do so much more in one day, but I can’t seem to keep up.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

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