Writing Workshop Today

A different kind of day for me, an all day writing workshop. I loved it. So much to learn, no matter how much I think I know, there is always more to learn.Thank you guys, it was great.

Several of my adopted caregivers wrote to me, telling me how happy they are to be adopted by someone willing to listen. Someone to share things with, since most caregiver’s families are far away. It’s the little things that count, and an email to someone shut in because they are caring for a loved one 24/7 is a blessing. Actually, it’s a blessing for both. I know because I do it and I’m rewarded by the replies saying, “You have helped me more than you can imagine.” Thank you.

My cause is a good cause, we just need to get my words out to people who can help plant the seeds. Adopt A Caregiver is a unique program that starts in your community. I will spend as much time as possible working to help people across these United States Adopt A Caregiver. It all starts in the community, where you live, where you work, go to school, your church, synagogue, poker club, golf club, anywhere you spend time with the same people.

I will speak to groups, churches, teachers, anyone who will listen. And together we will make my vision become more than a dream.

If you don’t understand what caregivers are living with, stand in my shoes,, read my secret journal Behind The Mask. It is available on this website and on Amazon.

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing. Adopt A Caregiver, and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene


  1. Helene, this is my first visit to your blog. I found you via a comment left on The Jungle of Life. I want to tell you what a wonderful ministry you have, and encourage you to hold tight to your vision of planting this ministry in as many communities as possible. May the Lord open doors for you and provide for your health and your needs as He leads you to those who are willing to participate in this type of outreach AND to those who are in need of this ministry.

  2. Thanks Tammy.
    This is my vision/goal statement and yes, doors are opening. I hope you continue to read my blog, as I intend to read yours.
    12/08 Helene Moore
    1.Reason for being: to help support caregivers, to remove the stigma of Alzheimer’s Disease, and help caregivers in any disease that requires 24/7 of their time, to help caregivers live a normal life which is essential to their well being, to help them live in the outside world, filled with people, books, music, art and whatever else we can provide them with. There are fewer people going to support groups because: they are too tired, too depressed, they can’t find a sitter, they don’t want to see what is coming for them around the corner, they have enough of their own misery and don’t want to hear anyone else’s. Perhaps they find it easier to go to chat rooms and remain anonymous. Adopt A Caregiver can address some of these needs.
    2. Community: Community is home, school, work, social clubs, church, synagogue, doctor’s offices, support groups, assisted living places, organizations, anywhere that people gather in a continuous manner.
    This is how my vision works:
    A. Homes built for 55+ adults usually have a Director of Activities, a facilitator for support groups, and clubs. Adopt A Caregiver can be implemented and used as directed by this facilitator.
    B. Schools have a principal, counselors, and teachers who should be made aware that there are probably caregivers in their school.
    C. In work environments, wherever people gather together all should be mindful that caregivers live in their midst.
    D. Social clubs have Presidents and or leaders, and hear about neighborhood happenings. They can be more observant and look for caregivers.
    E. Support groups have facilitators and they can recommend others to Adopt A Caregiver. The same is true with assisted living places and organizations.
    F. Churches and Synagogues have sisterhood and brotherhood meetings, and churches also have women’s groups, support groups.
    If we can get to these groups of people and talk to them I know we can get help with our Adopt A Caregiver program. People want to help, they just need some guidance.
    3. Adopt A Caregiver can compile information: hints for caregivers, websites to read, information from organizations, newsletters written by professionals, book recommendations and whatever else we find the caregiver wants or needs.
    4. Things Helene Moore can handle: I can mentor, I can explain how to live in the patient’s reality, I can explain how to look for patterns for abuse, or that the caregiver is being taken advantage of. I can explain to the person who will adopt a caregiver, how to be their friend, how to share, how to get to know the person, how to support and how to look for signs of depression. I am not professionally trained, but I have been there with the caregivers and I understand their plight, as I have stood in their shoes.
    I can speak to groups, and I can get my words out with some publicity.
    I have a website and I write a blog every night.
    I know one person can make a difference, with a little bit of help.
    There is nothing to join, nothing to pay.
    I know that caregivers are remaining silent behind their mask!
    Together we can make this journey a reality.
    Give the gift that lasts forever, and costs nothing.
    Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene
    5. Things I cannot handle: medical and social services, agreements, background checks.
    6. My vision doesn’t include meeting people online such as a pen pal, or inviting someone to one’s house. When mentoring I will make sure everyone is made aware of the pitfalls of scams, elder abuse etc. Which is why I like the community based idea of people within a community reaching inside their own community to Adopt A Caregiver.
    Helene Moore
    read my blog