Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This is something I wrote about eight years ago,

“I think about the yesterdays in my life. Some were earth shattering, devastating and difficult to think about, others made me smile and remember all the good times, the romantic times and easier times.

Life goes by so quickly and frankly I want to remember all my memories. That’s what they are, memories. They can’t hurt, they have no power over me.

As for today, today is wonderful. Free, fun, doing whatever I want, deserving each and every precious hour, savoring new memories to hold close to my heart.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, no one know what tomorrow holds in store. Whatever comes, we have to take, graciously knowing it’s within our power to smile and embrace tomorrow and remembering it will soon be yesterdays memories.

It’s important to make every day a happy, magical memory to store and treasure within our hearts.

No one can take away our memories.”

Well, I didn’t change a word, it all stands true today as well. I wish all of you a wonderful Sunday.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene